Life / Single cycle Master's degree programme

General information for the a.y. 2021-2022

Disciplinary areaLife
Duration 5 years - 300 Credits
Admission Accesso Programmato Limited access, see call for applications
Language Taught in Italian
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations
Call for Application / Short list Avviso di assegnazione dei posti vacanti per il corso di Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo unico di Farmacia A.A. 2021/2022
Graduatoria di ammissione al corso di Laurea in Chimica e Tecnologia Farmaceutiche e Farmacia e successivi scorrimenti II edizione A.A. 2021-2022
Bando di ammissione ai Corsi di Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico in FARMACIA e CHIMICA E TECNOLOGIA FARMACEUTICHE - (classe LM-13). ANNO ACCADEMICO 2021/2022 II EDIZIONE
Corsi di laurea in Farmacia e Chimica e Tecnologia Farmaceutiche a.a 2021/22: procedura per l’iscrizione al test d’ingresso (TOLC-F)


Are you interested in a profession that deals specifically with personal health and well-being issues? Would you like to have a training in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietetics, food and herbal medicine to serve the citizens? The single-cycle Master's Degree in Pharmacy could help you fulfil these aspirations. This degree programme aims to train experts in drugs and health products (cosmetics, dietetic and nutritional products, herbal medicines, medical-surgical aids, healthcare products). These skills open up a range of job opportunities as a pharmacist in public or private pharmacies or, after obtaining a specialization in Hospital Pharmacy, in hospitals and local AUSL facilities. Graduates in pharmacy will also be able to apply their skills in the field of healthcare information and training in different areas. Graduates in pharmacy find employment within approximately one year after graduation. In their opinion, their degree is very effective for their job, and 95% of graduates are overall satisfied with the Department of Life Sciences degree programme (AlmaLaurea 2020 data). With a solid background in pharmacology, chemistry, pharmaceutical technology and regulations, graduates in Pharmacy work actively with doctors and healthcare facilities in guiding patients to use drugs correctly.

Course content

The single-cycle Master's Degree Course in Pharmacy provides lectures both in basic subjects (physics, chemistry, biology, medicine) and in subjects that are distinctive of the future profession of pharmacist, such as pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, toxicology, the preparation of galenic medicines, the study of laws related to the distribution of medicines, as well as professional and ethical responsibilities. Classroom lectures are integrated with several practical workshops and seminar activities carried out in collaboration with the world of work. The fifth year includes a compulsory internship of at least six months in an affiliated pharmacy, and the preparation of the thesis. The Degree Programme also gives students of the last year the opportunity to carry out internships in various European universities (Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, England, France, Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic), generally aimed at preparing their degree thesis.

Career options

At the end of the university programme, graduates have fundamentals and skills in the field of distribution of drugs and healthcare training. These skills open up a range of job opportunities as associate pharmacist, manager or owner in a private pharmacy. After obtaining the specialisation in Hospital Pharmacy, the job opportunities may be extended to hospitals and local health units (ASL). Master graduates may work as healthcare products experts (cosmetics, dietetic and nutritional products, herbal products, medical- surgical aids, healthcare products, etc.). Master Graduates in Pharmacy will be able to apply their knowledge in the field of professional drug information in various healthcare settings, playing a primary role in the presentation of therapeutic innovations as medical sales representatives.

After the degree

Master's Degree

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Course Director
prof.ssa Maria Angela Vandelli
Dott.ssa Silvia Franchini

The course is managed by the Department of Life Sciences