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Prof.ssa Lorena Rebecchi


The Department of Life Sciences originated from the aggregation of 3 Faculties (Agriculture, Bioscience and Biotechnology and Pharmacy), a Master's degree programme in Science (offered by the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences) and professors from various departments (Science agricultural and Food Sciences, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry and Biology).
It is widely recognised that after information technology, life sciences and biotechnology are the next stages in the European strategy for the knowledge-based economy, which will lead to the creation of new opportunities for our society and our economy.
In the field of life sciences and biotechnology there is, in fact, an ongoing revolution that entails opening up new applications in the healthcare, food processing, chemical, pharmaceuticals and environmental protection. The common basic knowledge about living organisms and ecosystems has given rise to new disciplines such as genomics, bioinformatics and bioengineering and new applications, such as for genetic testing, organ regeneration of human tissue, molecular markers for genetic improvement assisted by plants and animals and for new therapeutic strategies, to name but a few examples.
The field of life sciences has opened up new areas of research within legal and economic fields (BioLaw and Bioeconomy), as well as new possibilities for the use and transfer of knowledge and technologies. It was in response to the current international context and according to the directives set out by the Ministry and the University that the Department of Life Sciences was established.

Degree Courses for the a.y. 2024-2025

Bachelor's Degree programmes

Accesso Programmato Agricultural and Food Sciences and Technologies
Accesso Programmato Biological Sciences
Accesso Programmato Biotechnologies

Single-cycle Master's Degree programmes

Accesso Programmato Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
Accesso Programmato Pharmacy

Master's Degree programmes

Accesso Libero Experimental and Applied Biology
Accesso Libero Food Safety and Control
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Food Safety and Food Risk Management
Accesso Libero Industrial Biotechnologies
Accesso Libero Integrated sustainability of agricultural systems
Accesso Libero Medical Biotechnologies

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