Science / Master's degree programme
Geosciences, Georisks and Georesources

General information for the a.y. 2022-2023

Disciplinary areaScience
Duration 2 years - 120 Credits
Admission Accesso Libero No limited access
Language Partially taught in English (4 courses)
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations
Call for Application / Short list Bando di ammissione al Corso di Laurea Magistrale a libero accesso in GEOSCIENZE, GEORISCHI E GEORISORSE 2022/2023


The Degree programme trains specialists in geology with an in-depth scientific-technical preparation through two distinct curricula: A) "Earth System and Georesources": providing specific training in the analysis of earth dynamics at various scales, and in the techniques of prospecting, retrieval, characterisation and valorisation of georesources, considered as raw materials and environmental heritage. B) "Geodesy and Land Management": providing specific training in the assessment, prevention and mitigation of geological dangers and risks and in the analysis of geological and technical factors that affect the development and management of the territory.

Course content

The programme includes training activities related to various sectors of the geological area, according to the curriculum, as well as linguistics, engineering and law. The programme also envisages activities chosen by the student, training seminars and an internship to be carried out in Italy or abroad, in professional studies, industries and institutions. The programme includes an experimental thesis - project or research - also in collaboration with external organisations and companies.

Career options

Master graduates find employment in positions of responsibility in the geological and industry service and consulting field. After passing the state examination, graduates can register in the professional order and work as a freelance geologist performing the functions defined by law (Presidential Decree 328/2001). According to the chosen curricular programme, graduates can work in areas related to the retrieval and use of natural raw materials, the exploitation of the geological heritage or related to geological risk analysis, technical geology and land planning.

List of single courses taught in English

- Applied Biostratigraphy [ credits: 6]
- Georisks and Civil Protection [ credits: 6]
- Integrated Stratigraphy and Astrochronology [ credits: 6]
- Landslide Risks [ credits: 6]

More information

Course Director
prof. Alessandro Corsini
prof. Mazzucchelli Maurizio

The course is managed by the Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences