PhD program in Reggio Childhood Studies

XXXVII cycle - 2021/2022

Duration 3 years
Position 9 position available - 7 scholarships
Director/Coordinator Prof. Alberto Melloni
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Nota One selection procedure.
One position is reserved for employees of the Company specified by the Call (industrial doctorate).
Admission Expiration date 06/07/2021 at 13:00
Call for admission
Final ranking Published 14/09/2021
Enrollment deadline 24/09/2021 at 13:00:00

Scientific areas

M-PED/03 (Special Didactics and Pedagogy), M-PSI/04 (Psychology of Development and Psychology of Education), M-PED/02 (History of Pedagogy), SPS/08 (Sociology of Culture and Communication), M-STO/07 (History of Christianity and the Churches), M-STO/04 (Contemporary History), M-PED/04 (Experimental Pedagogy), SPS/09 (Sociology of Economics and Labour), M-FIL/04 (Aesthetics), MED/39 (Child Neuropsychiatry), MED/38 (General and Specialised Pediatrics), SECS-P/08 (Corporate Finance), ICAR/13 (Industrial Design), L-LIN/02 (Didactics of Modern Languages), M-PED/01 (General and Social Pedagogy)

Admission requirements

Italian second level degree (laurea specialistica, under D.M. 509/99 or laurea magistrale, under D.M. 207/04) or Italian degree obtained prior to D.M. 509/99 or equivalent qualification obtained abroad.
More information available in the Call.


Doctoral course in Reggio Childhood Studies - from early childhood to lifelong learning.

The Department of Education and Human Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the Reggio Children Foundation Loris Malaguzzi Centre, promote the international industrial PhD in Reggio Childhood Studies. The PhD course is enriched by international partners of recognized quality in terms of research, which takes place within the "industrial" framework of the Foundation itself, so as to develop research projects that elaborate the educational experience and faces the new challenges of the educational world. The approach and contents, the practice and the policies, the figures and intuition, the challenges and developments related to the educational philosophy for early childhood developed in Reggio Emilia constitute a heritage of great international relevance. As international doctorate, the course in Reggio Childhood Studies offers an innovation in the framework of doctorates, as it constitutes a residential community that offers to the PhD fellows to share spaces and working hours in the industrial context provided by the Reggio Children Foundation Loris Malaguzzi Centre.


The PhDs in Reggio Childhood Studies will be able to become leading figures in the design, organization and pedagogical coordination of childcare services. They will also be able to work as pedagogical consultants in the public and private sector. Furthermore, they can become consultants for Public Administrations and in the private sector. They will be able to work as researchers and evaluators in centers and projects dedicated to pedagogical and psycho-pedagogical research. They will be able to find professional outlets within public and private, national and international centers, which promote in various ways the approach to education in the city of Reggio Emilia, both in the educational services for children and in subsequent levels of education. Another professional outlet can be found in academic research, at national and international level.


Three years (01/11/2021 - 31/10/2024)


The course venue is at Reggio Emilia.


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