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CourseBusiness intelligence
Credits 6
Professor Stefano BORDONI

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Understand self-service BI 3-4 phases process and visualization best practices. Visually explore and analyze data using and comparing different solutions developed with Tableau, Ms Excel and Zoho as front end tools. Learn to create compelling and effective interactive dashboards. Fundamentals of Data mining process, algorithms, techniques and implementation, through examples, tutorial and exercises (Link Analysis, Cluster Analysis and Predictive Analysis). Both Business Intelligence and Data Mining are tools of Business Insights able to provide critical information about company activity and support business decisions. As Business Intelligence concerns the measurement, control and analyses of the business performances and provides results to the Directional Informative System, the business usage of Date Mining techniques typically finds applications in the analyses of the potential or active customers and produces results of Analytical CRM and Marketing Intelligence. Using different environment of Self-service Business Intelligence and the additional Date Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office component, this course wants to offer to the students the theoretical and practical tools to develop and easily integrate Self-service Business Intelligence and Date Mining solutions.

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