English specialised communication and translation

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CourseEnglish specialised communication and translation
Credits 9
Professor Marina BONDI

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The course aims are: 1) to develop advanced communicative skills and cross-cultural mediation skills in business and institutional settings, by developing awareness of interactional dynamics and cultural difference, as well as by developing language strategies that facilitate cross-cultural communication in a range of institutional settings; 2) to develop specialized translation and revision skills with reference to business and institutional settings, by enhancing awareness of the main issues connected to translation as re-creation of texts in a TargetLanguage (TL) and of the most common transfer techniques (with special reference to those most frequently adopted in English-Italian translation), as well as by promoting recourse to lexicographic tools and other resources (corpora, terminological data bases etc.). Prerequisites Students should have passed the first year exam and achieved at least a C1 level of language competence before they take the exam

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