Trade marketing and sales management

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CourseTrade marketing and sales management
Credits 9

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The course describes the strategies that firms use to design and manage their distribution channels, on- and off-line, and to interact with their business customers (retailers mainly). Specifically, the ways in which marketing functions are distributed within distribution channels and supplier-retailer relationships are conducted in a Trade Marketing perspective (planning and tools) are presented. Category Management, co-packing and co-marketing issues are analysed. As trade marketers are requested to possess a deep knowledge regarding retailing issues and strategies, the course would be aimed to describe and discuss these topics too. Exclusively for the students of the IM Degree course (the study program of the students enrolled in the DCI degree does not include these last 3 credits) the evolution of the salesman's role, sales process and sales management, in a relationship marketing view, is discussed. Students will be provided with a skillful knowledge about the relationship selling framework and models (digital too) of analysis, management and techniques to manage the salesforce.

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