Integrated Stratigraphy and Astrochronology

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CourseIntegrated Stratigraphy and Astrochronology
Credits 6
Professor Stefano LUGLI

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The course objectives are the following: Define principles and methods to study sedimentary cyclicity, integrated stratigraphy, astrochronology for any type of professional and research application. Define chronological constrains using paleomagnetic, biostratigraphic and geochemical data in a sedimentary sequence. Elaborate of a chronological model to date a sedimentary sequence. Define limits and application of integrated stratigraphy methods in different contexts for palaeoclimate and palaeoenironment reconstructions. Direct application of integrated stratigraphy methods in the field in a marine and continental sequence. Correlate a sedimentary sequence measured in the field with a borehole measured in the laboratory. Rigorously present objectives, concepts and procedures of integrated stratigraphy data interpretation. Use computer to elaborate data, information and results. Present data and results in English language.

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